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What is Safe Sport Zone?
Nearly all school districts have security measures in place during school days. However, similar risk management policies are too often overlooked or ignored for evening events. Safe Sport Zone has developed plans to assure safer environments for activities occurring at times other than during the regular school hours.

Safe Sport Zone has developed a staffing model for athletic administrators to adopt as a best practice. Spectator issues, identifying all fans, athletic concerns, facilities maintenance, evacuation procedures, and applications for almost any emergency are all part of the exercises.

For interscholastic athletics to survive, the games kids play have to be enjoyable, entertaining, safe, and educationally driven. Safe Sport Zone is committed to these principles.
Why Choose Safe Sport Zone?
The following testimonials are from people that believe we are making a difference:

Best PD in 4 years, thanks for keeping us engaged and providing real life practical examples and visual aids.
-Chris Satterfield

These posters are spot on and are useful for our schools. Keep up the good work!
-Bruce Bowen, CMAA – VIAAA Executive Director

Jay Hammes gives a great presentation. NIAAA is fortunate to have him aboard. I heard him 2x at the New Jersey convention. Good stuff. Thanks.
-Michael Hoppe, summer webinar participant

The presentation gave credibility to the ongoing discussion of security at events! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to better prepare our staff for events. The professional training online class will enable us to address issues at hand in a well thought process! I hope to have all my supervisors trained and ready to open the fall season once the training becomes available.
-NYSPHSAA Section VIII Athletic Administrators

Thanks for a very informative, worthwhile and important presentation.
-NYSPHSAA Section VIII Athletic Administrators

I thought the presentation was very informative and provided some great tips that I will implement in my athletic program. Jay is obviously very passionate about safety and his presentation grabbed the attention of all who attended.

Safety should always be first and as athletic directors it is our upmost responsibility to ensure the safety of our student athletes and coaching staff. I would love to have access to the online training video and present it to my superintendent. With approval, I would like all supervisors and security staff to take the online training course.
-NYSPHSAA Section VIII Athletic Administrators

Everyday from 3pm - 8pm I wince when the phone rings! Somewhere in the back of my mind I worry that it's a coach calling about an emergency or a situation that occurred during one of our games. After listening to Jay yesterday I am going to approach our Superintendent regarding the need to open a new committee on event safety and security for our sporting events.

Jays presentation was eye opening and made it obvious that we do not do enough to be prepared in case a situation occurs. Although I understand Jay needs to use somewhat of a scare tactic to get his point across, I would much rather be on the prepared side versus the wait and see what happens side of event security.

Thank you for bringing an extremely relevant and important presentation to the group.
-NYSPHSAA Section VIII Athletic Administrators

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